Membership Information


Membership in the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis is open to anyone with an interest in digital photography.


Annual dues for the club are currently set at $30.00.


Members in good standing are eligible to participate in all Club activities, vote at business meetings, and avail themselves of all services offered to members. People who are not members in good standing may observe a maximum of two programs offered by the Club and are ineligible for other Club activities and services.

To Join:

Print and fill out our Membership Application Form and bring it with a check for the amount of the annual dues (made out to the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis) to the next meeting of the Club or mail them to:

Digital Photography Club of Annapolis
PO Box 6462
Annapolis, MD 21401

Please include your email address so that we can include you in our emailing list and invite you to register for our member-only web site (please note that all email addresses are kept private, even from other members)

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